Welcome to ADP

Welcome to Asian Development Platform

ADP is an International Platform and Union of world class legal firms, legally Registered in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, UK, Netherlands and Afghanistan, providing Financial Management, Project Funding and corporate professional services to clients locally and internationally.

ADP was created in 2009 with the core objective to address illiteracy, poverty, healthcare and employment needs of the inhabitants of backward and poverty stricken countries and regions worldwide. ADP’s policy has no boundaries, prejudice or discrimination, we believe in serving all humanity equally. Our primary aim is to help achieve peace and stability worldwide which is the fundamental right of every human being.

The world today is in great economic and peace crisis due to economic injustice and instability that prevails globally.  ADP has strong believe in provision of equal economic opportunity to the needy which is the only legitimate way to fight wars, crimes, illiteracy, illegal immigration, human and narcotics smuggling Worldwide.

Our principal service is the provision of project finance to companies, businesses and organizations in the Public or Private sector for significant development projects in the Agriculture, Industrial, Manufacturing and Production, Water, Irrigation, Power and Energy, Infrastructure, Building and Construction, Trade and Commerce, Transport, Communication, Culture and Arts, Sales Marketing, Tourism, and all other industries that would create employment opportunities for the people and communities of that particular region.

We are certain our efforts would be hailed and appreciated since each and every inhabitant of planet Earth deserves and longs for a world free of injustice, instability, war and diseases.

ADP have more than two million clients and visitors now and honestly providing unique Business solution worldwide.

Your participation in our effort of Peace, Development, Human Rights and global stability is warmly welcomed.