Most readers of curry life

Most readers of curry life would have heard of Singapore and one or more things it is famous for – students who top global academic ranking, the world’s best airport and busiest port. Touch laws that cane vandals and hang drug traffickers, etc. But you probably have not heard of our thriving and well-established curry scene. Curry was first brought to modern Singapore by Indian Migrants in the early 19th century some of them eventually went into the food business to improve their lives and that of their families many of the most established names in Singapore curry today started as dimple street-side stalls. (In Singapore ‘Indian’ can refer to a broad range of south Asian nationalities and ethnic groups, and is a hangover from the days of British India)

Over the years, other ethnic groups in Singapore also adopted and adapted curry, and created their own versions Indian curry has in turn absorbed influences from their fellow Singapore cuisine, leading to some unique innovations.

One such innovation which become one of the national dishes of Singapore is fish head curry. It was created by a migrant from Kerala after he observed how the Chinese customers that other eateries started selling it.

This cross-in influence and shared love for curry has helped strengthened social harmony and national integration in Singapore. Singaporeans of all races come together each year and organize National Cook-a-Pot-of-Curry Day as an expression of national solidarity and multiculturalism.

Amjad suleman

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