Most of companies like artificially boosting of its operating cash flow to show like a more profitable or financial company. The majority of companies, PPP service providers and internet traders are doing such kind artificial capital boosting fraudulent practices. ADP advise you to avoid such kind artificial capital boosting and save your time and money, don’t spend your money to different scammers under pretend of upfront fee, escrow fee back fee.

Patient capital

In case an investor invested its funds for long time with no expect of exit and profit before i.e. minimum 12 months and maximum ten (10) years , it mean Patient capital, for example; buying and saving of LTN bonds, MTN bonds, real estate and housing development projects, Green Trade projects, Investment in irrigation canals etc.

If a qualified wealth manager and capitalist do study of the objects and its risk factor along possibility study then there will no risk of Patient capital Gain. The qualified Traders can to structure and certain the long term risk free capital plan for high profit to protect the investor from any gain.

Unfortunately, the common investors do not consults with professional asset managers and becomes under effect of attractive offers of the fraudulent practitioners so at the end they face with result of patient capital gain.

ADP kindly advice you to save your time, protect your capital from any risk, and structure 100% risk free high profitable long terms business under unique management and advisory services of ADP.

Short Term Capital

To fix the withdrawal of principal invested funds and its profit before completion of one year, named Short Term Capital. The short term capital deal risk, profit, failure and successfulness defends on selection of the professional managers, qualified and trusted borrowers and sensible study of business plan.

ADP kindly inform you to avoid offers of different internet, Skype, hotels and park basis parties who offering you the 10 months Private Placement Program, Bullet Trade, Three weeks Trade,  Three months trade with 100%, 200% profit. Please be aware, such kind parties does not know about trade, they are just running for obtaining a Proof of fund addressed to them or any bank instrument to be issue in their favor to allow them for further artificial boosting of finance profile for additional planed deal.

Please download ADP Capital Guide for more information.