ADP Policy

Important Notices: : اطلاع خاص

All respective clients of “ADP” and website visitors, appointment seekers, job seekers, contractors, traders, brokers and companies are kindly advising to read this policy and rules and abide by to protect any risk, loss and scam, otherwise “ADP” Board of Governors and Board of Directors will not responsible for any kind claim or loss for any one or any dispute in any form and anywhere. Each one who not follow this Policy and rules will know as defaulter.

تمام مراجعین عزیز ، بنینده های ویب سایت ، ملاقاتی ها، قراردادی ها ، داو طلبان ، تجاران ، کمیشن کاران و شرکتهای خاص وعام را احترامانه مطلع می سازیم که این پالیسی و اصول کاری پلیتفورم ما را لطفآ مطالعه و جدآ مراعات کنید، تا از هر گونه خساره مالی و زمانی، فریبکاری، جعل کاری محفوظ باشید، در صورت عدم پابندی از این  پالیسی وشرایط خاص،  تیم رهبری پلیتفورم وتیم اداری  مسؤلیت  هیچ گونه خسارت و نقصان هیچ کسی خاص و عام را بدوش نه می گیرد، بلکه در نظر قانون و اصول ما مجریم و مفسید اداری و مالی دانسته می شود
Abide by:
“ADP” respectfully expects all clients, employees’ visitors, appointment seekers, job seekers, contractors, traders, brokers, companies and others working on company premises to abide by the policies, rules of conduct and general safety at all times while working. Employees who violate any company rule or regulation will be disciplined fairly, consistently and in proportion to the seriousness of the circumstances. This may include disciplinary action up to and including discharge from employment, even for the first offense, if sufficiently serious or to prevent further violations. In case of any complain please contact on or
Signing of the Contacts /Agreements / MOU’s
All clients are legally notifying that all kind of Agreements, Contracts, MOU’s, Pay orders, Commitments, Promissory Notes, Post Cheques, Draft Cheques, Manager Cheques need for proper approval of Board of Directors and compliance Department. Non- of promotion agents and representatives have no authorization to act any of above action. The authorization and duty of representatives, agents, promotion agents and Project coordinators are limited to present ADP services without any fee and charges and negotiate with clients according to ADP programs and rules of conducts. Therefor in case you have to sign any deal or contract with any one from address of ADP then please send an inquiry email to ADP management for approval at or , upon you received signed stamped approval of the subjected issue from ADP management then you can continue your business with legally introduced representative with approved code of transaction.
ADP Policy:

“ADP” is a financial and multi services Organization and have board members, Trade Members, Shareholders, Employees, legal mandated, Representatives, intermediates, contractor’s relatives worldwide except UN sanctioned countries. ADP also has offices in different countries and has legal business relationship in both Public and Private sectors.Therefor the Board of Governors of ADP officially approved and approached this Policy for both ADP and its clients to protect our respective clients and ADP good reputation and status from Ambitious individuals, Cheaters, Finance Criminals, Scammers, Traitors and Hustlers.So all of our clients are kindly requesting to follow these rules and policy to protect you from any kind risk, dispute, fraud, corruption and scam from any misusers or misunderstanding.  In addition to maintaining and enforcing this policy and rules on work rules and general safety, “ADP” complies with all applicable ICC, UNECE PPP, ICB and local laws and regulations concerning employer/employee rights and obligations, including safe workplace standards.

A: Business Parameter

ADP providing its services according to ICC, UNECE PPP and host country law in the context of the national and international trade to form synergy, provide expertise enhances domestic market and boost the economic growth of the country.

Prohibitive by ADP
  • ADP not accepting any transaction with UN sanctioned countries.
  • ADP never awards any project without full DD, International Competitive Bid rules and procurement law of the host country.
  • Any mandate, representative cannot award contract to any company without full evaluation of full package documents and pre-qualification of the clients in ADP head office by relevant department and proper approvals.
  • ADP rejects those transactions to have similarity with money laundry scheme or prohibited by Banking rules, ICC and host country Law.
B. ADP Board member authorization,

All transactions, contracts, deals, partnership agreements, JV agreements need for proper legal written confirmation and approval of CEO/President office or Board of Governors of ADP. All parties are kindly requesting to contact for final confirmation with ADP head office for approval of relevant transaction at or Please avoid the deal if your deal is not approved through above emails or not signed by CEO/President.

C. ADP services;

ADP never ask for any kind upfront fee or charges from any client, so this is not allowed to pay any small or big amount to any staff or employee of ADP.
In case someone asked for any small or big amount or percentage in the project than please inform us ASAP.

D. For all Bidders;

All respective applicants, clients and contractors, bidders are formerly informing to read below terms and conditions before to apply or submit its bid documents, Pre-qualification, proposals, applications and registration with ADP.

  1. Entire applicants, bidders and clients must born its bids, applications, proposals, accommodation and travels expenses, ADP will not responsible or cannot to pay for any kind above expenses to any qualified or disqualified applicant or bidders.
  2. ADP is not acting as project owner but acts as project financier and project management organization, so if the borrower country/Government canceled the funds borrowing from ADP or canceled its projects, then ADP also can terminate the contract with its concern bidder/contractor of subjected project and ADP will not responsible for any expenses of its bid or contract. The contractors can collect its bid security back without any deduction and will get the cost according to bill of quantity of completed work only.
  3. ADP awards projects only to qualified contractors, and the contractors are not allowed to sub-contract further to others companies more than 10% project work.
  4. ADP informs all applicants, bidders and contractors to avoid payoff to any person in any form concern to ADP projects or business, in case ADP head office got information regarding such kind activates of any applicant, bidder or contractor, ADP will terminate its all kind contracts and the contractor will be black listed for 10 years with entire ADP organization. In case anybody ask for any amount as brokers etc., then please inform us at or

ADP charge’s as penalty all failed contractors or applicants, and also will pay 2% penalty for delayed payment or agreed signed services.

Force Majeure

Force majeure is defined as situation/condition such as acts of Allah /God, storms, fire, war, civil war, military action, Government emergencies, Government delay  or stop orders, or strike as well as transportation accident, earthquake, tidal waves etc. The valid force majeure close of the ICC & ICB is applied to this contract (international provisions of force majeure published by ICC & ICB). The Contracting Agency “ADP and contractor shall not be responsible for The non-performance of this contract in case of force majeure, but, when force majeure happens, the Contracting Agency or Contractor must immediately send within 15 days thereafter by registered airmail to the another party a certificate of force majeure issued by a competent Government authority at the place where the force majeure occurred as evidence thereof, should the effect of the force majeure continue for more than 120 consecutive days