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financial and investment needs ADP is an International Platform and Union of world class legal firms, legally Registered in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, UK, Netherlands and Afghanistan, providing Financial Management, Project Funding and corporate professional services to clients locally and internationally.

Note for Customers

All customers are kindly advising to avoid any small or big amount to any person regarding to ADP projects, contracts, business, corporate services and any other deals concern to ADP. Our respective customers can contact directly to ADP head office for its concern project or deal...
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Most of companies like artificially boosting of its operating cash flow to show like a more profitable or financial company. The majority of companies, PPP service providers and internet traders are doing such kind artificial capital boosting fraudulent practices...

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Credit Enhancement

If a company going to obtain loan, bank instrument, and outstanding debt under easy and batter terms and conditions, consequently she/he need to present its company turnover to prove her financial solvency. The credit enhancement is highly useful for companies who are new establish...

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Currency Exchange

The Currency is the legal accepted and regulated form of money, like paper notes and coins.Generally, each country issues their own currency under rules and regulation of their central bank. General, definition is that a currency is a system of money (monetary units) in common use...

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Our Emphasis

  • Our Emphasis
    Dr. Khadim, Chairman ADP Platform

    ADP is a leading Platform of investment, financial, trade and management services, specializing in project funding, asset management and investment banking. ADP provides world class services to Asian countries and Europe complying with the Law, rules, regulations and ADP Policy. ADP is the best choice for your high value and important business commitments. ADP provides its unique high end professional Continue Reading... Dr. Khadim Chairman ADP Platform

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