About Us

Brief Introduction
However the ADP was established in 2009, but very quickly aroused as a top trusted and qualified platform of the top world class legal firms with efforts of high qualified and experienced Board of Directors.  ADP is a large Platform (Union) of well-known Investors, Financers, Consultants, Constructions, Trading’s, Asset Managements, Funds Managements, Technology Services Providers, Banking Services Providers, Energy, Water and Land Management firms.
Each Golden, Diamond and Platinum member of the ADP having well past performance and world level experience in relevant business.

ADP is consist of two large sections as below.
1-    ADP B2B Online Services
2-    ADP International Business Services.

The ADP B2B Online service section is a Platform designed with certified web-Technology for 100 million Clients and Firms, providing fast, trusted, certified and satisfied solution for Business Relation, Advertisements, Promotion, Legal Consultancy, Corporate services and Chains the legal registered firms worldwide to exchange their information for legal business dealings.
ADP B2B Online Platform almost have Two million members and more than 5 million visitors.
ADP B2B Online Platform have following Types of Membership.

  1. Free Membership
  2. Sliver member $ 99,
  3. Golden $149,
  4. Diamond $ 299
  5. Platinum $ 499.

Join today ADP B2B Online Platform and enjoy the fast, trusted, certified and satisfied solution for Business Relation, Advertisements, Promotion, Legal Consultancy, Corporate services and Chains your esteemed company worldwide.

For more information see Merchant Account Schedule

2- ADP International Business Services.
This section of ADP Platform is a Global union of top world class legal and registered firms having well past performance and high experience providing below services under management and leadership of ADP.

  • Grants funds for your social projects.
  • Qualified Financier for your business.
  • Non-interest loan for your social projects.
  • Qualified Trader.
  • Qualified funds Managers.
  • Hard Asset Managers.
  • Sale Purchase of Bank Instruments.
  • ADP Corporate Services
  • Loan against SBLC/Oil Back Contract/Sovereign Guarantee.
  • Professional Qualified Monetize Services.
  • Expert Finance Advisors.
  • Qualified proposal writers and business plan.
  • All Trade, Finance Business related Documents formats.
  • Get formats of LOI, RWA, SBLC, BG and all relative documents.
  • Petroleum Products on unique prices
  • Strategic Goods on discount prices.
  • Oil Back Lending
  • Gold Back Lending  

ADP have special discount and support for its Below Trade Members.

No Membership Advantages Investment Refund able Time
01 Silver  Membership The member will register with ADP Platform, ADP will provide direct Silver window for its relative legal business management to be able to participate in ADP small business and contracts as per the ability and qualification of the member. €   250,000 370 Days
02 Golden  Membership Despite of 1, also including each month minimum 6% and maximum 8 % profit in Gold business, International Company setup, ADP Business Advisory and ADP standard Documentation services will be provided to the Golden Member € 1,000,000 370 Days
03 Diamond  Membership In spite of 1&2  also included the POF, LC services in sum of 3,000,000 Euro for Diamond Member € 1,500,000 370 Days
04 Platinum  Membership In spite of 1, 2 also included Setup of Direct Trade window, POF, LC in sum of 10 million Euro and special trade consulting services plus 500 days free Platinum membership in ADP Platform data services for Platinum Members. € 5,000,000 390 Days

Apply today for ADP Trade membership and obtain Global business, Finance, Assistance and strong backup for your Company.

Note: Membership fee shall be return back to the member at miturity date.

Please avoid brokers and contact direct to ADP Management at trade@adpplatform.com

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